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MARCH 3, 2020

A Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday, when multiple states hold elections that could sway the democratic presidential primary race. This is the first time California will be included in the Super Tuesday election and I, for one, am really excited about it.  Voting is an important part of the freedoms enjoyed in our country.  However, talking about politics and voting is not always something people are comfortable discussing, particularly now when everything seems so polarized. 

My grandmother used to tell me “never talk about religion or politics at the dinner table.”  Since that was the culture in our family, when I went to work for our family business, I did not discuss politics or voting with employees. 

One of my mentors had shared with me that it was really important to encourage employees to vote, no matter who they voted for.  At the time, I shied away from such a discussion.  Fast forward 10 years later and I am encouraging everyone I know to get out and vote.  Your vote counts! 
In my family, voting has taken on an even greater importance the last couple years.  My middle son, age 19, is on the autism spectrum.  For adults on the spectrum, depending on the severity of the disability, it is recommended that the adults are cared for under a conservatorship.  While my son cannot sign contracts or engage in business dealings without a conservator, the judge ruled that he was independent enough to maintain his right to vote.  My son was very excited to hear this at the hearing and actually went online to register to vote just before his 18th birthday.  That first election, he was delighted to complete the ballot on his own.  We drove him to the local library so he could drop off his absentee ballot and he wore his “I Voted” sticker all day.  
This year, when the ballots came to the house, he was equally enthusias
tic to cast his vote.  Do you look forward to casting your vote with the same enthusiasm?  His excitement makes me pause and reflect about how many of us take for granted our freedom and right to vote.  This Super Tuesday, it’s not just the presidential primary that will be impacted. In San Diego there are several high-profile races that will have an impact on our industry, from specific candidates to ballot initiatives. So do your homework and make sure your vote is counted.


Happy Super Tuesday!

Women in Construction Week

While the elections are getting most of the attention, this week is also Women in Construction Week, where we take some time to recognize the opportunities presented to, and the leadership demonstrated by women in our field. I’ll be on KUSI News this Thursday morning to talk about the construction industry and why it is an outstanding option for women to build a career. I hope you tune in to check it out. 

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