Assess Current Safety Performance

Cultural Transformation and Commitment to World-Class Safety

Leadership Commitment to World-Class Safety

World-Class Safety System Process Introduced and Deployed



Every construction company wants to send its workers home safely at the end of the day. ABC’s safety programs and products make this possible by helping members maintain safer and more productive job sites, one of the construction industry’s most critical needs. ABC members are 770 percent safer than the industry average for these reasons: 


ABC's Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) is a safety benchmarking and improvement tool applying world-class processes which dramatically improve safety performance among participants regardless of company size or type of work. Learn more>>


Safety committee

ABCSD's Safety Committee meets monthly to provide leadership and direction to members regarding safety, environmental, and health issues. The committee's goals are to save, protect, and enhance the lives of workers and the community; bring about a renewed commitment to safety and health in the industry; and to increase the productivity and competitiveness of ABCSD's member companies. Learn more>>

Safety Academy

ABCSD's Safety Academy is designed to help attendees understand the importance of leadership commitment, cultural transformation and safety management processes in achieving a zero-incident job site. It goes beyond the technical side of safety and explores the behavioral components that take safety from one of many priorities to the core value upon which all decisions are made.  Learn more>>

Safety Best Practices

ABCSD offers a variety of resources and tools from toolbox talk topics to training videos that can help members improve their safety culture. For access to these resources, contact Taryn Hood today. 

Safety Compliance resources

ABCSD provides excellent resources to keep your company compliant with safety regulations within the State of California and nationwide. Learn more>>


ABCSD offers a variety of online and classroom instruction enabling employees to recognize safety hazards and learn prevention means and methods. From cutting edge topics to OSHA and client-required subject matters, ABCSD delivers innovative, effective training.  Learn more>>

Accredited quality contractors

ABC's AQC program recognizes member construction firms which annually document their commitment in five key areas of corporate responsibility: quality, safety, employee benefits, training and community relations. Once contractors achieve accreditation, the AQC designation can be used in bid documents, corporate documents, and signage. Learn more>>

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