OCTOBER 1, 2019

Five Things About...
Michael Towson

HVAC, Alpha Mechanical

Years of Experience: 15

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
The thing I enjoy most about my profession is the feeling of accomplishment I get when I pass something I had a hand in building.


What about your profession do you think would surprise people the most?

I think people would be surprised the most about how dangerous construction really is.


If you could only take one tool to a job site with you, what would it be?

My most valuable tool is a pen and paper. Taking notes and making lists are two of the things I do most on a new job.

Who is your mentor and what is the most valuable thing you have learned from them?

My mentor was my Grandfather who told me repeatedly that if it's not worth doing right, it's not worth doing at all.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Quit when it's done.

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