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OCTOBER 15, 2019

Careers in Construction

What I enjoy most about my job is sharing my excitement with others and helping them start and advance their careers in the construction industry.

October is Careers in Construction Month. Let’s take a moment to recognize the men and women who dedicate their professional lives to literally building our world and share their stories with the rest of the world.

A career in construction can be life-changing, providing opportunities to live in a great city and at the same time, play an important role in its growth and evolution.

Careers in Construction Month is our opportunity to share our life stories, our lessons learned, our wins… and our losses, so that others may better understand the amazing opportunities provided by a career in construction.

The What We’re Reading section contains some great articles that provide greater detail.

Each and every one of us needs to be an ambassador for the construction industry.  To paraphrase John Wayne, “… what have you done today to be the best at what you are?”


For our industry to continue to thrive, each one of us needs to be an ambassador for the idea of having a career in construction, and ask ourselves what role we each, individually can play, in ensuring a strong industry for the next generation.

Start by simply talking about it, sharing your experiences with people. Dispel some of the myths, particularly about pay and benefits. Let people know there is a path, through our apprenticeship program, to a fulfilling career in construction.


The Five Things About feature we’ve started in the newsletter is a great snapshot into the minds of some of our industry leaders and their careers. I encourage you to share these and other stories you find interesting on social media. And if there is someone in your company who has had an interesting career, send them my way so we can feature them as well.

And of course, invite your friends, family, and colleagues out to see our careers in action at next month’s Local Craft Championship. It’s a great opportunity to inspire a handful of new careers in construction.

Happy Careers in Construction Month!

Shandon Harbour

President & Chief Executive Officer

Associated Builders and Contractors - San Diego

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