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SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

A New Way

Now is an incredible time to be in San Diego.


As a third-generation San Diegan, I have watched as San Diego has transformed from a sleepy beach town into the vibrant, booming eighth-largest city in America. I can feel the new energy and see the new opportunities this city can provide for each of us. I am inspired every day to ensure ABC San Diego works harder and smarter for each of you.


We have many new things going on at ABC.

We have new leaders driving us to be a better, more important trade organization in the region -- Check out the Five Things About article to learn more about one of them. And, we have a more collaborative spirit in how we are approaching local politics and ensuring that our members and our skilled and trained workforce are able to participate in the region’s biggest jobs.

If you’ve been around San Diego for more than a few years you understand how rapidly the political winds have changed here. Suffice to say, if we are going to be an important part of the political and business community in San Diego, we have to take a different tact than we have historically taken.


That means working to collaborate with those whom we have traditionally opposed. That means making friends with those who we have frequently seen as enemies. And that means extending an olive branch when our instinct tells us to extend the fight.


This upcoming year will provide a plethora of opportunities, as well as some frustrating challenges. What will happen with Pure Water San Diego? Will the TOT measure to expand the San Diego Convention Center pass? Will the expansion of the airport’s terminal 1 and SANDAG’s Grand Central Station change the face of transit and transportation in our region for the better? We are positioning our organization to ensure that you can be a part of each of those projects. And we will use our newsletter to educate and inform you of our progress.


So please, take a few minutes to read through some of our stories. And let us know what you think.

Shandon Harbour

President & Chief Executive Officer

Associated Builders and Contractors - San Diego

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