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June 23, 2020

Alumni Highlight: Jeremy Amison

ABCSD recently caught up with one of our alumni, Jeremy Amison. We are happy to share his success story with you.

Jeremy is a third-generation Electrician who started his career in the electrical industry in 1997. Days after graduating high school, Jeremy enrolled as a student at ABC San Diego and started his four-year apprenticeship at Electrical Contracting, Inc. (ECI). After graduating from ABCSD, Jeremy was fortunate enough to not only stay with ECI but earn a promotion as Foreman. 

Reflecting back on the early years of his career, Jeremy feels extremely lucky to have worked with some of the best in the business. Jeremy shared, "I owe my successful apprenticeship to the men I had around me; the journeymen, foreman, and the other apprentices. I owe my work ethic, ability and most importantly - learning how to treat those around me. Without a good team around you, you are not going to be able to succeed. You can't do it all."

After the closure of ECI in 2003, Jeremy moved over to LTS Equipment as their Operations Manager and embraced the opportunity to learn the management side of the business. 


In 2005, Jeremy was recruited as a Foreman to join the team at Prime Electrical Services. Over the next 6 years, Jeremy continued to grow in his career, working his way into a Superintendent position in 2011.


Reflecting on his experience, Jeremy said, “Being a Super is hard, everyone thinks it’s the best position, but the phone never rings with good news. Over a hundred phone calls a day and it is all bad news or someone with a problem, that you need to fix. You need to learn to balance manpower, balance the different personalities, and select the right people to be in the right position.


A wise man once told me, ’you don’t have to be the best electrician to be a great leader, you just have to be able to put your team together and put the right guys in the right roles.’ The same man also told me ‘if you can run one circuit from start to finish, you can do 42, and that’s a full panel, if you can do a full panel, you can do an entire building.’ That’s the advice I like to tell all my guys who are just starting out as a Foreman.”  


In 2016, Jeremy was promoted to Project Manager with Prime. Shortly after, Jeremy followed in his father’s footsteps, Rick Amison, and joined the Electrical and EST Committees at ABC San Diego. In 2020 Jeremy began his term as Electrical Committee Chair. “I feel very fortunate to be able to work for a company that allows me to help, give back, and be part of the ABC family. My co-workers at Prime are my extended family. I cannot imagine working with and for a better group of people. While volunteering at ABC, if I can help and guide just a few apprentices during my time, I have accomplished my goal.” 


In his personal time off, Jeremy enjoys coaching his daughter in softball, volunteering as an Assistant District Administrator for Little League District 41 Baseball, hunting, and most importantly, spending time with his family.

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