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MAY 26, 2020

Congratulations, ABCSD Graduates! 
ABCSD Apprenticeship and Trainee Program Will Not be Devastated by the Coronavirus Pandemic

It is with extreme pride that, despite the challenges our country has faced the last couple of months, we announce our graduating Class of 2020.  The entire community associated with ABC San Diego worked tirelessly to ensure that the “seniors” of our program were not left behind by simply cancelling classes for the semester.  As an institution, all of us at ABCSD were compelled to deliver for our seniors, for all our students.

When the news of the closures of bars and restaurants first started to hit our state in Los Angeles County on March 15, 2020, here at ABC San Diego we knew we needed to quickly start working to pivot our training program to an online and virtual format.  How could we do this with such little time? 

We had a full semester of over 630 students across 5 trades and 23 different instructors where technical aptitudes with students and instructors ranged from beginner to expert.  We immediately went to work the next day informing instructors and students of how this was going to transition moving forward.  Fortunately, we did have an aptly planned Spring Break so we capitalized on that time to move expeditiously to a virtual and online program.  When the Governor of California declared stay-at-home orders on March 19, we were ready!  As construction was deemed “essential” during that memorable evening, our team rallied back the next Monday and continued to build out the training program in this new format.  We are driven to a common mission and purpose and that is to serve our employer contractor members and our students.  In order to keep our members compliant on jobsites with apprenticeship ratio requirements, and to keep our students working safely, our staff answered the call to service. 

What would “shelfing” a program look like for an entire semester?  While the easy way out could have been to “cancel” classes for the remainder of the semester – we were committed to see it through and take the path less traveled, and more difficult, to see our “seniors” graduate and journey out to become career-sustaining and family-supporting craftsmen.  Our contactor members continued to employ the students to ensure that they would have the hours needed for graduation.  Thanks to everyone’s tenacity and determination – employers, students, ABCSD staff and instructors – we are graduating a Class of nearly 90 apprentices and trainees


Graduation is extremely important to our students and their families since we will be celebrating years of academic, professional commitment and a personal sacrifice in pursuit of a better life.  We tentatively have August 7, 2020 as a day to celebrate.  The format to which this celebration will occur is still “under construction”!  More details will be released with the ongoing updates from our Governor and the County of San Diego. Please join me as we congratulate ABCSD’s Class of 2020!



Shandon Harbour

President & Chief Executive Officer

Associated Builders and Contractors - San Diego

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